55 Amp AGM

55 Amp AGM

Power Charge"s ideal battery for mixing affordability with moderate usage. A superior VRLA battery lasts. NOTE:IMAGE IS NOT OF SIZE 55A. Terminals on 55a are longitudinal.

Price: $360.00


AMW offers full warranties on all manufactured parts and labour but due to the nature of our industry whereby we cannot guarantee the proper use of certain goods (example Batteries) purchased independently or not through an AMW Dealer, then Ltd Warranties are in force. Please view our terms and conditions for full details including Battery Care.

1 Year Warranty applies to all NEW AMW Scooters for Batteries and Electrical, 2 year on Chassis welds.

3 Months Limited Warranty - Batteries, Wheelchairs, Walkers and Scooter Parts.

“Proper operation and maintenance” of Scooters and Batteries will allow peak performance and life far surpassing the warranty period)


Amp: 55
Weight: 19
Length: 230
Width: 138
Height: 210
Voltage: 12Volt nominal
Plates: Heavy duty
Container/cover: ABS
Electrolyte: Sulphuric acid
Vent: Self sealing
Operating temperature: -20 to +60°C (Best Performance and Life 20-30°C)